NPAFInc, promotes GEA -Niro, Nano – Technology, Globally. (Experience of 6 years – 1993 to 1998).

Worldwide leader in spray drying and dryer technology.
No one knows more about the role of industrial spray drying than GEA Niro. GEA Niro has data gained from more than 70 years of experience and a reference list of some 10,000 plants across the globe. GEA -Niro has 30,000 test reports from their test centres, and they are equipped to engineer the properties you want into your products and the processes needed to produce them. NPAF-CA helps to identify, establish and facilitate logistics, regulatory, industrial yield and entry barriers of fresh and processed Life-science products, Globally.

1. Technology / production cost of end product.
2. Technology / market acceptability.
3. Technology / successful companies – Global map.
4. Technology / multiple applications. i.e, Marine, Agri – Foods, vegetables, potatoes, meat, Shrimp and all types of Bio- Tech products ..(Multi – dimensional). Multiple textures – Not limited to powders, GEA – Niro technology helps to process Jams, Jelly fruits, Yogurts, Milk whey, Cheese, meat and all types vegetables in different shapes.
5. Technology / products’ extensions. Powders, granules, juices, Jams, Jelly, nectars etc. To learn and listen more……