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Our BPO services are completely based at Canada, which include, servers, web hostings and manpower utilizations

Negotiable instrument – Invoice through E: Mail and / Or Faxes,  subsequent payments, depending upon specific business needs. Please Contact us. NPAF Inc values your time and feed back.

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Business Process Outsourcing-Why ? 

Business Process Outsourcing-BPO-benefits every business in the long run. Since technology is changing so fast, it has to be leveraged and used to the maximum to deliver competitive advantage to a company. Business process outsourcing integrates people, processes and technology to help organizations gain significant reduction in operational costs, and create new avenues in their business. In Business process outsourcing the work is managed and delivered efficiently in a different location by an outside expert who shall be termed as a BPO provider or Back office provider.

Business Process Outsourcing-Benefits

Business Process Outsourcing is a key strategy many organizations use to focus more on the core functions. Most often the resources redirected through back office outsourcing are people resources. By outsourcing non-core back office services, the organization can redirect those people or atleast the staff slots they represent, on to greater value added activities. Business process outsourcing frees the business manager from their day-to-day process management responsibilities and lets them to focus more on core competencies and build long-term relationship with the customer. With business process outsourcing they can expand their ability to produce variety of products, continue to improve service levels, accelerate time-to-market, and maintain or reduce costs.

Bill Gates on Business Process Outsourcing

The following is a quote by Bill Gates published in the April 1999 issue of Time magazine,”As a business manager, you need to take a hard look at your core competencies. Revisit the areas of your company that aren’t directly involved in those competencies, and consider whether web technologies can enable you to spin off those tasks. Let another company take over the management responsibilities of that work, and use modern communication technology to work closely with the people – now partners instead of employees – are doing the work. In the web work style, employees can push the freedom the web provides to its limits.”