Natural Health Products/Dietary Supplements

Functional Foods and Active ingredients, Herbs, spices and Agriculture products Regulations in Canada Categories 1.Diet Related Health Claims 2.Biological Role Claims 3.Nutrient Content Claims 4.Food for Special Dietary Use 6.Novel Fibres 7.Natural Health Products NPAFInc offers services to Dietary (Health/Nutritional) Supplements’s companies, globally.

Food Facility Registration

  • Registration for U.S. Food
  • Registration and U.S. Agent Requirements for Non-U.S. Food Facility
  • Certificate of Registration issued by Registrar Corp

Prior Notice

  • Shipments by Express Carrier (FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT, etc.)
  • Shipments by Air Cargo
  • Shipments by Land
  • Shipments by Sea
  • Shipments by Mail
  • Shipments by Baggage

Food Canning Establishment (FCE) & Process Filings (SID)

  • FCE-SID Filing Service
  • Certificate of Process Filings
  • Exclusion Certificates


  • Product, Labeling, Ingredient, and Graphic Design for Dietary Supplements
  • Structure Function Post-Market Notification Submission (30 Day Notice)
  • New Dietary Ingredient Pre-Market Notification Submission (75 Day Notice)
  • Laboratory Analysis for Dietary Supplement Facts Panel